Ice cream

Traditional & Buffalo ice cream

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Granite and sorbets

Sicilian slush & sorbet

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Fresh & dry

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Seasonal Products

Panettoni and colombe, nougat and little nougat

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Brikone® is an innovative solution for the production of real Sicilian ice cream.

The Brikone® system permits to mantain all the organoleptic characteristics of the ice cream exalting the freshness through the mixture.

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Point of sale

A shop window in the heart of rome

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Legal head office:

via G. Miglioli 26, 26015
Soresina (CR) – Italy

Tel. +39 0372 729669

Operating office:

C.da S. Maria della Palate, 98079
Tusa (ME) – Italy

Tel. +39 0921 334289
Fax +39 0921 334616

Point of sale:

Piazza Colonna 356/357
00187 Roma – Italy
VAT n° 01659590192