Brikone Gelato Italy

The BRIKONE is an innovative solution for the production of genuine Sicilian handcrafted ice-cream. This product was created by Pietro Di Noto and covered by an INTERNATIONAL PATENT, which was subsequently transferred to MINERVA ICE Srl company.

The BRIKONE is a finest quality blend made adding natural first choice ingredients and handled with a multi-year experience gained on food.

First ingredient for cream-based flavors is top-quality fresh whole milk, 100% from Sicily, and certified by the manufacturing company. As for the fruit flavors, we add sterilized and chlorine free water.
The BRIKONE blend does not contain any food coloring neither preservatives.

It is frozen by means of liquid nitrogen: this procedure allows to “seal” the flavouring of the blend and to reach -25°C at the core in 15 minutes, to assure the best preservation leaving the flavors unaltered.

The BRIKONE is suitable for different kind of uses. From a commercial point of view, anyone, even missing specific experience on this sector, might open and run an ice-cream parlor and produce the true handcrafted ice-cream for Sicily in a few minutes. It might also be used in restaurants and bars, on yachts and at home indeed, just having an own ice-cream maker and the favored BRIKONE.

The BRIKONE is very easy to use: you only open the desired flavor Brik, pour the blend at 4°C in the professional/home ice-cream maker, WITHOUT ADDING ANYTHING ELSE. Start the machine and wait for approx 15 minutes to achieve an excellent ice-cream, ready to be eaten or shown in the freezer showcase for sale. With this simple technique it is possible to produce special ice-creams too, for instance soy milk ice-cream, gluten-free ice-cream for celiac, sugar-free ice-cream for diabetic and many more.

The BRIKONE can be preserved up to 12 months, at a temperature of -18°C in a simple home freezer or in an industrial refrigeration system; before use, put it in the fridge for approx 12 hours to have temperature rise to +4°C (temperature is key).

Anyone at any time can make the desired ice-cream without incurring in any contamination risk. We have successfully carried the BRIKONE blend all around the world and it has always reached its destination (Dubai, New York, Australia, Tokio) intact and unchanged, thanks to the freezer systems used by the chosen carriers.

The BRIKONE is available in the following sizes: 1 Kg, 500 grams e 250 grams. 1 kg blend produces more than 1,3 litres of ice-cream.



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