Pietro Di Noto, the master founder of the the namesake pastry and ice-cream, just selects raw materials from Sicily with knowledge. In his large choice he offers slushes and sorbets made with Sicilian citrus, handcrafted products such as dry and fresh pastry, nougats, colombe and panettoni. All in compliance with the Italian confectionery tradition.

The experience of the ancient Caffi’s family has been joined to such flavor heritage. The Caffi’s are a traditional agricultural family from Cremona, which has been lately dealing with the buffalo zootechnics. As a result, they combine their memory with the constant pursuit of excellence, with a particular focus on the milk production.

ICEFARM company is born basing on both activities, and aiming to ice-cream, pastry and high-end confectionery delicacies production.

A unique direction starting from their cows and buffaloes breeding, trough the milk transformation, up to the finished products market. Tusa and Cremona, Lombardy and Sicily regions: a marriage that changes the way to link together tradition and innovatio


The ICEFARM company success stems from here and from both team-play core value and well-defining roles, believing that people involvement is an essential element towards innovation and worth.


Legal head office:

via G. Miglioli 26, 26015
Soresina (CR) – Italy

Tel. +39 0372 729669

Operating office:

C.da S. Maria della Palate, 98079
Tusa (ME) – Italy

Tel. +39 0921 334289
Fax +39 0921 334616

Point of sale:

Piazza Colonna 356/357
00187 Roma – Italy
VAT n° 01659590192

Email: info@dinoto.eu