torrone Di Noto

Our famous torroni and torroncini (small version) are handcrafted with the finest ingredients originated from Sicily. Almonds from Avola, pistachio nut from Bronte, hazelnut and honey are some of the main ingredients used by our pastry chefs to produce excellent torroni and torroncini; they are available in the following versions: lemon, orange, pistachio nut, white chocolate, dark chocolate and milk chocolate. There are different stories regarding the Torrone’s ancient origin. STradition has it that a cake was served during the wedding feast of Francesco Sforza and Bianca Maria Visconti in 1441 in Cremona; this cake was a mix of almonds, honey and albumen, modelled all together to reproduce the shape of the Duomo bell tower, called Torrione.
But it seems that in the Ancient Rome a similar cake was already known; it was mentioned by Terenzio Marrone il Reatino and named Cuppedo, term nowadays used by a few dialects in the Southern regions to mention the torrone itself.
There is also a third version, according to which torrone was born in China, home to almonds, and then brought to the West by Arabs, as a variant of their typical sweet, the Cubbaita, made with honey and sesame seeds. The word torrone in this case would derive from the Spanish Turron, arab derivation, meaning “roasted”. So, it reached Sicily thanks to the Arabs and then spread in the rest of Italy. No matter the true torrone origins, its raw material have always granted easy storage and transport to both the Ancient Romans and the Arabs travelers either in the Winter and in the Summertime.


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