The Bricone is produced by Icefarm following an international patent. Its unique convenience matches with the excellent quality, where the organoleptic charatcteristics of milk are maintained and preserved. Thanks to that patent anyone can get an ice cream. It is a complete mixture, mostly made up of Sicilian ingredients.

The main ingredient of the cream flavors is a high quality full-cream milk from cow or buffalo , 100% made in Italy and certified by the company of origin whereas for the fruits flavors, a sterilized and chlorine-free water is used instead of milk.

The mixture into the tetra-brick, the so called Bricone, does not contain neither food colors nor preservatives, since conservation is obtained from “cryogenesis” by nitrogen liquid at -25 degrees and reaches the product core in 15 minutes. When the Brikone® has been opened, aroma and scent will remain intact. After that, the product must be kept in a freezer for about 12 hours at 4 degrees and then worked in a batch freezer.

Thanks to the natural ingredients, the ice cream you can get from Brikone is slightly different from the traditional one. But, it is far superior to the industrial ice cream which is produced using chemical additives. Through the Brikone system we propose a multiple choice of ice cream varieties: with cow milk, with buffalo milk, with soy milk for Vegans, the gluten-free for Celiacs and the sugar-free for Diabetics. Thanks to its packaging system, we can reach every place in the world under controlled temperature transport (-20 degrees.)


How It's made


The Brikone ® System is the innovative solution for:

  • The ice cream makers who, with the Brikone system can save money to realize a production site. Indeed, just a few square meters and a very few equipment are all you need to get the ice cream: namely a batch freezer, a storage freezer and a domestic refrigerator, which is enough to get the mixture to the ideal temperature for its use.
  • The final customer, who can enjoy an excellent ice cream that is obtained from an artisanal method.


Point of sale:

Piazza Colonna 356/357
00187 Roma – Italy


Operating office:

Zona Industriale,snc
90018 Termini Imerese (PA) – Italy

Tel. +39 091 7481019