Since 1992, Di Noto ice creams carry on the Italian ice cream makers’ confectionery tradition. Innovation and our continuous research are the way to improve it. Moreover they bring together an over twenty years experience always using excellent raw materials.


The mixture is prepared with 100% fresh Italian milk and Sicilian raw materials, such as pistachios from Bronte, almonds from Avola and the best seasonal fruits of the Italian territory, to guarantee the high quality, maintaining the unaltered nutritional values. Then, we obtain a good ice cream, without preservatives or food color.


We started from the classic creams, through the fresh fruit flavors up to the original ones. As a mater of fact, Di Noto’s creativity has set up surprising novelties, such as Sicilian Cannoli’s ice cream and Sicilian digestive ice cream. Instead, the nutraceutical vitamins ice cream is rich in minerals and vitamins.

But the absolute novelty is the ice cream made up from buffalo milk.

The buffalo milk is particularly tasty and naturally sweet and gets a unique and delicate taste. Thanks to its properties it is a very suitable ingredient to produce ice cream that can be appreciated in every season.


An innovative solution for the production of real Sicilian ice cream.

The Brikone® system permits to mantain all the organoleptic characteristics of the ice cream exalting the freshness through the mixture.

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Point of sale:

Piazza Colonna 356/357
00187 Roma – Italy


Operating office:

Zona Industriale,snc
90018 Termini Imerese (PA) – Italy

Tel. +39 091 7481019