Granita is a typical Sicilian cold dessert. Fruit juices are added to the freezing water and they are homogenized to give a granular and creamy consistency at the same time. Its origins date back to the Arab domination of Sicily, when an ice-cold drink recipe with fruit juices or roses water had his origin and that the Sicilians begun to drink to face the Sicilian hot summer weather. Over years of tradition the recipe has been enriched with the flavor of Sicilian citrus, the Avola almond and the delicious coffee

Di Noto’s granita uses only fresh and high quality ingredients, respecting old traditions from Sicily. It’s our laboratory production with homogenized water, selected fruits and free of preservatives and conservatives.

Lemons, oranges and especially mulberries are grown up in loco to be collected and immediately used to prepare granitas.

You can taste it like a dessert or into a croissant, for a typical Sicilian summer breakfast to start the day with sweetness and freshness.

The real delicacy is Granita with almonds from Avola.

From the rich tradition of the Sicilian sweetness we suggest the Sorbetto. The so called “Fruit Ice” Sorbetto is produced with seasonal fruit while they are ripe and selected from the best Sicilian farms. They are free of preservatives and artificial coloring, then this is a real 100% natural masterpiece.



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