Sicilian Granita

The one and only

​All the goodness of the Sicilian granita in a burst of freshness

​The Sicilian granita, well-known and appreciated all over the world, is made with ice water and fruit juices that are properly whipped to give a granular and creamy consistency at the same time. Its origins date back to the Arab domination of Sicily: they used to drink an iced beverage with fruit juices or roses water, and the Sicilians enjoyed it to cool off during the hot summer.

Most loved

​​​Following the ancient Sicilian tradition, our granita is made with fresh and premium quality ingredients only, water, selected fruits and is free of dyes.

You can enjoy it with a spoon or with the typical Sicilian brioche, for a refreshing break or for breakfast, like a true Sicilian, to boost your day with sweetness and freshness.

​The innovative solution to make the real Sicilian ice cream and granita anywhere in the world

​A complete liquid mixture that allows anybody to make an artisanal ice cream or granita, as it was made in a Sicilian artisanal lab.
Its unique convenience matches with the excellent quality, where the organoleptic characteristics of the raw materials are maintained and preserved.


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