The typical Panettone, the undisputed Christmas king, and Colomba, the Queen of Easter, are our products from the Italian confectionery tradition of the festive seasons. These sweets bring us back to the magic of the holiday season and the warmth of the family. Both Panettone and Colomba are appreciated for their delicate taste, for local palates and admirers from all over the world.

The Panettone is the lead of an ancient confectionery tradition, which made the history of the Italian pastry together with the Christmas tree and cannot be missed at Christmas time. This is the right choice to complete your Christmas lunch or dinner, but it is delicious for breakfast and as a snack too. Di Noto’s panettone is made up of high selected Sicilian raw materials. Our pastry chefs’ skillful hands knead flour, sugar, fresh egg yolks, butter, raisins and rinds of candied Sicilian citrus.

A slow leavening based on a  culture yeast guarantees the softness, the digestibility and freshness. A coating of sugar grains and Avola almonds makes it unique.

Also for the Easter festivities, Di Noto proposes a typical sweet of the tradition, namely the soft sweet dove shaped Colomba , which is made up of flour, butter, eggs, sugar and peel of candied Sicilian citrus, with a rich glazing of Avola almonds, according to the traditional recipe.

Our seasonal products are packaged in a beautiful box and  tied up with ribbons as precious gifts ready for your table.

We want your parties to be a success!. Take our sweets on your Christmas and Easter table or as a present to your relatives and friends, and choose the excellence of Sicilian products and Di  Noto’s experience for a very special and handmade gift.



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