I migliori prodotti della tradizione dolciaria siciliana

Cassate, Cassatine e Setteveli vengono preparate accuratamente dai nostri maestri pasticceri con grande passione e dedizione.

The Queen of Sicilian desserts

Sicilian Cassata

Classic Sicilian Cassata are made only with the best fresh ricotta cheese for an extraordinary triumph of sweetness. This traditional dessert, made with sumptuous and baroque decorations, is rich in taste and harmonizes contrasting flavours, such as sponge cake, fresh ricotta cheese mixed with sugar and chocolate, covered with marzipan and candied fruit. The Oven-baked Sicilian Cassata, made with short pastry instead of sponge cake, is the ancient version of one of the most iconic Sicilian desserts.
Traditional cassata, pistachio and baked

An explosion of taste


Setteveli cake is a masterpiece of Sicilian confectionery, a real explosion of taste. It is so called because of its seven layers of crispy and mousse, for a delicious cake beyond imagination. We offer 3 versions to satisfy every taste: chocolate, pistachio and strawberry.
Setteveli: chocolate, pistachio, strawberry

Perfect for any occasion

Small and precious mono portion and mignon versions go along with the big size Classics, for a small dessert ready to be served.

Classic Cassatina: chocolate, coffee, lemon, orange, pistachio

Oven-baked Cassatina: classic, chocolate, pistachio

Setteveli: chocolate, pistachio, strawberry