Produced by ICE FARM and with international patent, it is a mix of unique practicality and excellent quality that saves and preserves the organoleptic characteristics of milk and allows anyone to produce ice cream. It is a complete mixture, made up of first choice ingredients for the most part coming from Sicily. The main ingredient of flavors based on cream is the whole fresh milk of high quality, cow or buffalo, Italian 100%  and certified by the Company of origin. For fruit flavors instead of milk, sterilized and chlorine-free water is used.

Within the Tetra Brik, from which the product gets the name, the mixture contains neither coloring nor preservatives, since the preservation is entrusted to the “Cryogenic” obtained by liquid nitrogen at minus 25 degrees and that reaches the heart in 15 minutes. This means that the product remains intact in the aromas and scents that will release at the opening of the Brikone ®, which, from that moment, must be worked in a batch freezer.

Before use, the product must be kept in the refrigerator for about 12 hours at 4 degrees to reach the temperature suitable for freezing in a gradual manner.

Thanks to the use of natural ingredients you get an ice cream that is slightly different from that produced in a handmade way, certainly of a quality far superior to the one industrially produced and with the help of chemical additives. The Brikone ® system allows you to produce any type of ice cream: cow milk and buffalo milk, for vegans with soy milk, gluten-free for celiacs and sugar-free for diabetics. Thanks to its packaging the Brikone ® can reach perfectly intact any places in the world, transported in cold stores with temperature at minus 25 degrees.


How It's made


The Brikone ® System is the innovative solution for:

  • The ice cream makers that, thanks to this system, save  the costs for the realization of a production laboratory. It only takes a few square meters and a minimum equipment for the production of our ice cream: a batch freezer, a freezer for the preservation of the Brikone ® and a refrigerator, even for domestic use, to bring the mixture to the ideal temperature for its use.
  • The final customer who can taste an excellent ice cream produced by the  handmade method.


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