Pour - Whip - Serve

Gelato Smart

Turnkey solution to make an artisanal Italian gelato in few minutes. Made of just high-quality ingredients, our complete liquid blend is ready to be whipped and realize a tasty and quality gelato with just few equipment.
The Queen of Sicilian desserts

Sicilian Cassata

Classic Sicilian Cassata are made only with the best fresh ricotta cheese for an extraordinary triumph of sweetness. This traditional dessert, made with sumptuous and baroque decorations, is rich in taste and harmonizes contrasting flavours, such as sponge cake, fresh ricotta cheese mixed with sugar and chocolate, covered with marzipan and candied fruit.
A story of tradition, quality and innovation


Our mantecated gelato is artisanal and ready to be served. It is made to meet the needs of bars, restaurants, hotels and food companies that want to offer a quality artisanal gelato to their clients, but they have no space to settle their own laboratory.
An explosion of taste


Setteveli cake is a masterpiece of Sicilian confectionery, a real explosion of taste. It is so called because of its seven layers of crispy and mousse, for a delicious cake beyond imagination.
A story of tradition, quality and innovation


To enjoy with a spoon or with the typical Sicilian brioche, for a refreshing break or for breakfast, Sicilian Granita will boost the day with sweetness and freshness.