A story of tradition, quality and innovation

Di Noto Italian Sweetnesses


We carefully select each ingredient with love and respect for the ancient recipes.
We love tantalising your taste buds by using only high-quality ingredients. We favour local raw materials and we respect the seasonality of all raw materials we use. The result is a unique dessert and rich in taste.


Ensuring products quality is key in our work: starting from a careful selection of raw materials, to products processing and delivering.
A high specialised staff in our laboratory performs ongoing analysis, following strict procedures, during the whole production process, ensuring high level, reliable and transparent results.

SINCE 1988

A story of tradition, quality and innovation

The story of Di Noto Italian Sweetnesses began in 1992 and since then has been realazing high-quality artisanal gelato and pastry, dedicated to wholesalers, caterers, distributors, gastronomy importers, and the HO.RE.CA sector all over the world, for small treats and big occasions.

With a touch of creativity and technology, we enhance the taste, aromas, and quality of our desserts.

We love spoiling your palates, using only high-quality products. We prefer local raw materials and respect the seasonality of all the raw materials used. The authentic artisanal taste to impress your customers.

Gelato Smart


Sicilian Granita